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What sodas does Hardee’s have?

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Coke products, Dr Pepper sodas, and even good old-fashioned Southern iced tea are available at Hardee’s fast food restaurants.
So specifically, what sodas does Hardee’s have?
You can find these brands or varieties of fountain drinks at most US locations: Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Cherry, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast.
Their bottled or canned drinks include Simply Orange juice, and bottled water.
In addition, iced tea, sweet iced tea, hot coffee, milkshakes, chocolate milk, and milk are usually on the menu.
More about Hardee’s sodas

Hardee’s is the Southern and Midwestern cousin of Carl’s Jr. The first restaurant with the name was opened in North Carolina back in 1960, by a man named Wilber Hardee.

You can get a good basic selection of sodas and other soft drinks at Hardee’s fast food restaurants, along with iced tea and sweet tea, neither of which is apparently available at their cousin chain. (They’re also a no-go on the lemonade, for some unknown reason.)

Milkshakes are available in the old-school flavors they have offered customers since the sixties: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

That all means there’s plenty to to sip as you chow down on things like a Monster Angus Burger, a hot ham and cheese sandwich, biscuits n gravy, crispy curls (curly fries), or their peaches and cream fried pie.

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