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What sodas does Waffle House have?

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Waffle House has been serving Coca-Cola products in their restaurants since they first opened their doors in 1955. The two companies are such strong partners, in fact, they say they still operate on a handshake agreement.
So specifically, what sodas does Waffle House have?
You can find these brands or varieties of fountain drinks at most US locations: Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pibb Xtra, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Lemonade.
As far as we can tell, no bottled and/or canned sodas are offered.
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Many people outside the South don’t quite get how huge Waffle House’s business is.

Based out of Georgia — just like the Coca-Cola Company — they don’t even have restaurants on the West Coast, New York, or most of the northern states.

Waffle House Coca Cola bottle
Photo courtesy Waffle House

Still, the company manages to serve 124 million waffles a year, 272 million eggs, and 58 million cups of coffee. (See the numbers here.) Soda stats aren’t included on their site, but we’re got to be talking millions of cups of soft drinks, too.

Much like Denny’s, Waffle House restaurants are usually open 24/7 — meaning you can get your waffles and, oh, say, a Diet Coke, at 3am just as easily as you could at 3pm.

Their site offers more details on how the companies are loyal to each other, but sweetly sums it up like this: “There are few guarantees in life, but you can count on two things: 1. Waffle House open 24 hours a day and 2.  We’ll always serve Coca-Cola products to our Customers. We’re partners for life.”

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