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What sodas does Chipotle have?

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Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants serve up Coke products alongside their burritos, bowls and tacos — but they have a lot more options than most places.
So specifically, what sodas does Chipotle Mexican Grill have?
You can find these brands or varieties of fountain drinks at most US locations: Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite.
Their bottled or canned drinks include Mexican Coke, apple juice, orange juice, tea, sparkling water, bottled water.
In addition, lemonade, flavored lemonade, agua fresca are usually on the menu.
More about Chipotle Mexican Grill sodas

Although they’re named after a smoke-dried jalapeño pepper, Chipotle restaurants have a menu designed for American tastes.

Every Chipotle is company-owned — there are no franchises. This usually means the customer experience — from the food flavors and availability to the ordering style and beyond — is more or less the same from one location to another.

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In 2020, Chipotle started to serve non-GMO and certified organic Lemonades, Aguas Frescas, and Tea from farmer-created Tractor Beverage Co. 

As a further demonstration of the brand’s commitment to fresh food, the company has also said that their stores have no microwave ovens, can openers, or freezers.

Fortunately for us soda lovers, they do have ice makers (and offer refrigerated beverages, too).

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