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What sodas does Church’s Chicken have?

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Texas-based Church’s Chicken serves up Coke products, along with southern essentials like lemonade and iced tea.
So specifically, what sodas does Church’s Chicken have?
You can find these brands or varieties of fountain drinks at most US locations: Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Fanta Strawberry.
Their bottled or canned drinks include only group-size beverage jugs.
In addition, lemonade, flavored lemonade, sweet iced tea, flavored iced tea, fruit punch are usually on the menu.
More about Church’s Chicken sodas

Started in San Antonio, Texas, back in 1952, “Church’s Fried Chicken To-Go” was the brainchild of a man named George William Church. While the founder lived only until 1956, what he created lives on to this day. 

In addition to the most popular Coke products, Church’s Chicken also serve Strawberry Fanta, along with their house-made “Peach Perfect” lemonade and iced tea — “The perfect summertime addition of refreshing peach flavor in your favorite Minute Maid Lemonade or Tea.”

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