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What sodas does Shake Shack have?

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So specifically, what sodas does Shake Shack have?
You can find these brands or varieties of fountain drinks at most US locations: Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape.
Their bottled or canned drinks include sparkling water, and bottled water.
More about Shake Shack sodas

Shake Shack — which the company itself describes as a “modern day ‘roadside’ burger stand” — has an unusual history, certainly setting them apart from many other hamburger restaurant chains.

First, they started out by selling hot dogs, not hamburgers… and they did it from a hot dog cart inside Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.

Here’s how the company described their origin story:

Shake Shack originated from a hot dog cart that USHG established in 2001 to support the rejuvenation of New York City’s Madison Square Park through its Conservancy’s first art installation—”I © Taxi.”

The hot dog cart was an instant hit, with lines forming daily throughout the summer months for the next three years. In response to this success, the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation awarded Shake Shack a contract to create a kiosk to help fund the park’s future.

Shake Shack sodas
Photo courtesy Shake Shack

While it should come as no surprise that the stars of the drink menu are their milkshakes, they carry a line of Coke sodas — including rarer treats like Fanta Grape.

Then, along with their regular lemonade (made with real sugar), some of their deluxe limited time drinks included the Mango Passionade — mango and passion fruit mixed with lemonade — and Blackberry Lychee Lemonade.

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