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What sodas does Whataburger have?

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Whataburger restaurants mainly serve up Coca-Cola & Dr Pepper products to go along with their hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.
So specifically, what sodas does Whataburger have?
Their bottled or canned drinks include Simply Orange juice, and group-size beverage jugs.
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Like McDonald’s and Burger King, Whataburger was founded in the 1950s — back when rock ‘n roll was brand new, and drive-in hamburger joints were popping up all around the country.

The menu has expanded over the years, and now includes many chicken-based options. In fact, they have dubbed their chicken strips “Whatachick’n,” and you can get them as a Whatameal.

Whatachick'n Whatameal
Whatachick’n Strips 3 Piece Whatameal with Buffalo Sauce (Photo courtesy Whataburger)

Being born and bred in Texas, Whataburger still favors the Lone Star state, with 712 of the chain’s restaurants located there as of 2022.

Other states with 10 or more of these fast food burger shops are Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

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